Guillotine / Slide Gate Dampers


Slide Gate or "Guillotine" Damper are most commonly specified when isolation is the primary function of the damper. Guillotines are classified in two styles: Low Leak and Zero Leak. Both styles are ideal for a high degree of isolation while providing low pressure drop when the dampers are in the open position.

Low Leak Slide Gates are primarily used for isolation purposes where low levels of leakage and pressure drop are required. Low Leak applications include isolation for systems that function under negative pressure or require a tight shut-off to aid in the systems process. (i.e.shaking the bags in a large bag house)

Zero Leak Slide Gates are used when zero-leakage isolation is required. Zero leakage isolation is accomplished by pressurizing the seal air chamber that surrounds the blade edges. When compared to a double louver, the zero leak slide gate requires less seal air and flange to flange space; therefore, it can be used in tight runs of ductwork.

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