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Fox Equipment's Engineers have the capabilities to design custom noise reduction solutions. These solutions have been incorporated into Firing Ranges, Testing Rooms, and Engine Enclosures.

With the use of passive silencer technology, the Fox Equipment Engineers can reduce noise levels to... + details

Silencers and Noise Control... Now available from Fox Equipment.
Fox Equipment Silencers are employed on the inlet and outlet of industrial fans and on the discharge of turbine exhaust systems to reduce noise emissions to acceptable levels.   Fox Equipment designs and manufacturers... + details

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Louver Dampers
are used for two functions; control and/or isolation. There are four standard types: Parallel, Opposed, Double, and Tandem Louvers. Each louver has a... + details

Wafer /Butterfly Dampers are used in round duct applications. Their typical function is simple isolation or system balancing. The advantages of this damper include the simplicity of design, quick closing capability, versatility and low price.... + details


Slide Gate or "Guillotine" Damper are most commonly specified when isolation is the primary function of the damper. Guillotines are classified in two styles: Low Leak and Zero Leak. Both styles are ideal for a high degree of isolation while providing low pressure drop... + details

Diverters /Flap Dampers are primarily used in gas turbine applications with heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). A diverter damper is designed with one inlet and two outlets. The outlets are normally at right angles from each other. The blade pivots from... + details

Radial Vane /VIV /IVC Dampers provide additional flow control for fan inlets. Radial Vanes also provide pre-spin of the air into the fan. Starting the fan while the damper is in the closed position allows for a low horsepower startup. Fox Equipment... + details

Stack Isolation Dampers provide accurate airflow and isolation at extremely elevated temperatures. These dampers function to reduce the stack effect of a system when it is off line and to protect ductwork from the elements, such as rain water.... + details

Poppet Dampers are ideal for applications that require quick cycling time and tight shut-off. Poppet dampers provide isolation capabilities for bag house... + details



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